September 14, 2023

When Is the best Time To Do Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari

Gorilla trekking in Uganda inundates you into the mysterious secrets of the Virunga area. Every day is gorilla trekking safari time in Uganda however tourist fancy […]
September 8, 2023
Kibale Forest National Park

Which Is The Best Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Area

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable National Park is according to area but each area has interesting features. Buhoma area, Ruhija area, Nkuringo area and Rushaga area […]
September 6, 2023

When Is The Best Time To Go On A Gorilla trekking Safari In Rwanda

Rwanda is open for gorilla safaris all year but the dry season, which is normally June, July, August, September, December and January, is most preferred. The […]
September 1, 2023

Why Do Gorilla Trekking safari In Uganda?

Going on gorilla trekking safari in Uganda is a choice you may never regret. You get chance to be just meters away from the only left […]
August 18, 2023

What can possibly go wrong on gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda

Gorilla safaris is a dream come true African safari adventure but unexpected disaster may strike when you least expect as you make dreams come to reality. […]
August 11, 2023

What Is The Difference Between Gorilla And Chimpanzee Trekking In Uganda?

Gorilla trekking is an adventure where a maximum of 8 tourists search for a fully habituated mountain gorilla family and stay with them for one hour. […]
July 20, 2023
mountain gorillas of bwindi forest

Where Can I Find The Cheapest Gorilla Safaris In Uganda Or Rwanda

Finding affordable gorilla safaris packages whether in Uganda or Rwanda depends on your budget. Most of the prepackaged gorilla safaris are categorized into budget, mid-range or […]
July 12, 2023

What You Cannot Do On Uganda Or Rwanda Safari?

Is a Uganda safari or Rwanda safari in your holiday plans but wondering what can go wrong and why, here are some highlights of what not […]
July 7, 2023

What Is The Least Time To Be On Gorilla Trekking Safari

The least number of days you can be on uganda gorilla trekking safari is 3 days while the 2 days gorilla trekking tour is the least […]