Best Gorilla Trekking Time

What Is The best Time To Book A Gorilla Trekking Safari

Knowing the best time to book a gorilla trekking safari in Africa helps in proper planning. Gorilla trekking is only done in Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga National park, in Rwanda Volcanoes National park and D.R.Congo Virunga National park

Some seasons of gorilla trekking are busy while shoulder seasons receive low tourist turn up on safari. The months of June to September and December to January are busy with tourists travelling to do gorilla trekking with other Africa Safaris. March to May and November gorilla trekking receives less visitors making it the low seasons. Anyone who wants an exclusive time with the mountain gorillas can use this time

Any time is gorilla trekking but you need enough time on safari at least 3 days gorilla trekking minimum to meet the gorillas without panicking to catch up with your departure flight.

When you book a gorilla trekking safari, it is best to add other attractions like chimpanzees, game safaris, birding safari, hiking, white water rafting and so much more. These additions paint a wider picture of the untouched wilderness that Africa harbors rarely found anywhere.

Its best to book a gorilla permits at least 3 months to the date of your gorilla trekking safari especially the peak seasons. Some people reserve their gorilla permits even a year in advance.

How To Book A Gorilla Trekking Permit for a Safari

Having the dates confirmed or tentatively when you wish to be on the gorilla trekking trip and number of days you wish to spend on safari is key in booking a gorilla trekking permit. As soon as you send an Enquiry about your gorilla safari, our safari consultant checks availability. The selling bodies for Uganda gorilla permits is Uganda Wildlife Authority, Rwanda gorilla permits is Rwanda Development board.

After confirming positive availability, we get back to your as soon as possible. Our turnaround time is 24 hours because getting through to the authority is quite hectic because of the long que of calls.

We request you book your gorilla permit as soon as possible because they get sold out fast as the limited number released for the public to book. Only 8 gorilla permits are released for public booking per day.

Purchasing your gorilla permit is confirmation that you are interested in this safari. it’s the starting point for booking all other safari amenities like accommodation, hiring a vehicle, booking domestic flights, costing the gorilla safari and so much more.

Which Country Is Best For Gorilla Trekking Uganda Or Rwanda

Whether trekking gorillas in uganda or Rwanda, the experience of being close to the mountain gorillas in the wild is life changing. No matter where you choose to visit the mountain gorillas, that one hour allowed with the mountain gorillas create a memorable moment not easy to feel on any Africa safari.

Watching the gorillas pick at each other like humans, carter for there infants, play, grooms and so much more. It’s so interesting to watch the mountain gorillas following protocol from the dominant silverback to a new born infant.  They are just the best safari visit you can select.

The difference is in pricing where the cost of a Uganda gorilla permit is $700 while in Rwanda the cost of gorilla permit is $1500 per person per trek.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda is fairly more strenuous with steeper slopes to overcome while the Bwindi Forest side of Uganda is fairly steep.

Uganda’s mountain gorilla families are more in numbers approximately 18 gorilla trekking families while Rwanda has about 13 gorilla trekking families.

How strenuous Is Gorilla Trekking In Africa

Although the topography of the Virunga area is mountainous, gorilla trekking is possible. You need to have some level of fitness to stretch your muscles and get ready to hike. You do not need to go to the gym but do simple exercises at home just not to get so tired when in the jungle.

Wear the right gorilla trekking gears like tracking boots, a pair of stockings and so much more that makes you comfortable do not forget some energy snacks to keep you going.

Is Gorilla Trekking More Than Once allowed

You can do as many gorilla trekking times as you wish as soon as but each time you have to buy a gorilla permit. Double gorilla trekking for many is a way to get a clearer feeling of being close to the mountain gorillas that are rarely seen by many.

Gorilla trekking is on the list of many people’s to do Africa safari activities. Its comes with the adorable look into the eyes of the fierce looking yet gentle in nature. The gorillas live in families under the silverback to whom they pay elegancy.

You can decide to do one gorilla trekking safari in uganda and another in Rwanda to feel the experience of both countries.

How Long Does Gorilla Trekking take

Gorilla trekking nay take between 2 hours to three quarters of the day. Locating the gorillas depends on a number of factors like the proximity of there food, the conditions prevailing in the forest, relationship with other gorilla families and so much more.

The mountain gorillas just like humans have mood swings they have happy moments, somber mood, exciting times and these are some of the determinants of when to locate the mountain gorillas.

What Is The Age Limit For Gorilla Trekking in Africa

15 years and above is the age limit for gorilla trekking in Africa whether in Uganda or Rwanda or D.R.Congo. This is because of the strenuous nature of the wilderness where you may be required to hike to get to the mountain gorillas.

Time taken to get to the mountain gorillas is un known because of the nature of the tangled vegetation that you have to cross over, the slippery ground and so much more. A child below this age may not withstand such conditions.

Looking into the eyes of the mountain gorillas may stimulate some adrenaline but you need to keep calm so as not to appear suspicious to the very conscience mountain gorillas. Such conditions may not be kept by a child below this age. If the mountain gorillas listen to such noise they may go into hiding.

Is Gorilla Trekking in Africa Safe

Gorilla trekking is safe in Uganda and Rwanda because of the involvement of security operatives who ensure that law and order is maintained in the area. The Tourism police highly respects the lives of tourisms in the company of the ranger guides.

Each day a group of ranger guides rise up earlier than others to monitor where the gorillas are spending the day.

They report to the headquarters and you follow the trail leading to the point where mountain gorillas are feeding from.

What Is the Cost Of A Gorilla Trekking Safari In Uganda Or Rwanda

The cost of a gorilla trekking safari starts with the gorilla permits which costs $700 in Uganda and $1500 in Rwanda. Other factors that determine the cost of gorilla trekking include accommodation, vehicle hire, fuel and others activities.

Gorilla trekking safaris are packaged according to luxury, Mid-range and Budget packages. The number of days you are on your gorilla trekking tour, number of people travelling with, activities included in your safari itineraries and so much more.

What Else To Do After Gorilla trekking in Africa

game drives in After Gorilla trekking

In Uganda a range of game parks have great numbers of wild game to see like herds of elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, water bucks, hartebeests, leopards, lions, aardvark, wild cats, hyenas, hippos, crocodiles and so much more.

Some of the Uganda game parks include Murchison Falls National park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Rwenzori National Park, Semliki National park.

In Rwanda Akagera National park is the game drive park where amazing game drives happen.

Birding after gorilla Trekking

The birding haven of Africa is on Virunga area. This renowned gorilla trekking destination is also home to many endemic birds including those on the red list of IUCN. Keen birders can identify about 100 birds species a day in case you wish the right spot of Virunga forest.

Nature Walks after or Before Gorilla Trekking

Nature is interesting to be around especially the Virunga area with amazing spots. Taking a walk gives you chance to see the amazing canopy great for photography rarely seen in other locations.

You get to see great primates like blue monkeys, olive baboons, grey checked mangabey, red tailed monkeys to mention but a few. Amazing butterflies fly all over the area, sparkling water fall, ancient tree species to mention but a few.

Water activities After gorilla trekking in Africa

In Rwanda a boat ride on Lake Ihema after gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National park is unmatched.

Taking a launch trip on Kazinga channel or to Murchison falls on River Nile is an unmatched experience. Getting to see the wonderful visitors on the banks especially animals that quench thirst and take a bath in the water is incredible.

White water rafting on River Nile Itanda falls is refreshing. The thrill of beating the water tides and going over the grumbling water is epic. You do not need to have experience to enjoy this fun time. A team of expert trained are present to take you through every detail.

Chimpanzee trekking after gorilla trekking

Finding the difference between gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking is only possible in Uganda and Rwanda. You can choose to go chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National park Uganda or Nyugwe national Park in Rwanda.

Chimpanzees are the closets human relatives in animal Kingdom. They live in communities with an alpha male as there democratic leader. Two sessions are booked each day for chimpanzee trekking that is morning and afternoon. Age limit for chimpanzee trekking is 12 years and above.

When Is Booking Gorilla Trekking Permit Too Late

Booking your gorilla trekking permit in advance atleast 3 months in advance is the best idea but chances of securing one last minute permit may be available. Wait listing for gorilla trekking permit is possible but this could be best if you travelled with intensions of other Africa safari activities.

In case you the gorilla permits are over booked, you can do other activities like chimpanzee trekking, birding, game drives, launch trip, mountaineering and so much more.

What To Pack for Gorilla Trekking Safari In Africa

A foldable safari hat that can cover your hair from dripping water off the leaves

Pair of Binocular to use for seeing the interesting features of the forest

Tracking boots comfortable enough to with strand slippery and boggy conditions in the forest

Garden gloves to wear in case you need a tighter grip on the rough surfaces of the jungle.

A pair of pajamas to wear in the cold night

A torch for clearer vision especially when lights run out.

Safari trousers and shirt in colors that favor your time in the forest and you do not feel offended when they get dirty.

Shoe bag to pack your boots safely so that you don’t contaminate other belongings.

Snacks to eat when hungry so that you can keep going

A camera to take photos for memories of your meeting with the mountain gorillas on an adventure.

What Are The Rules Of Gorilla Trekking

No feeding the mountain gorillas

Volunteer to stay behind in case you catch any infectious diseases like corona Virus .

Use a face mask when with the mountain gorillas.

Never feed the mountain gorillas because they are wild animals

Avoid littering the forest because its alters the nature of the forest that feeds the mountain gorillas.

Use a flash less camera which is sound proof because these scare the mountain gorillas.

Never provoke the mountain gorillas because they may go into hiding.

Only a maximum of 8 people are allowed to visit the mountain gorillas so that to avoid mass tourism which may trample on the vegetation that feeds the mountain gorillas.

Do not surround the mountain gorillas when you find them.

Only one hour is allowed with the mountain gorillas when you meet them



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